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Well-Behaved Taverns Seldom Make History

Taverns Book cover.jpg

Take a pub crawl through 12 Pennsylvania taverns with rebellious pasts, where the stakes were high and the rum was flowing. Meet the scalawags and insurrectionists of the American Revolution, Whiskey Rebellion, the boozy Fries Rebellion, the tumultuous Canal Era, the Underground Railroad, the Battle of Gettysburg (and the making of the movie!), the Molly Maguires, and Prohibition.

Savor the food and drink at these still-standing inns:

  • City Tavern, Philadelphia: Epicenter of revolt.

  • General Warren Historic Hospitality, Malvern: Espionage afoot.

  • Blue Bell Inn, Blue Bell: George Washington finds sanctuary.

  • McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, Quakertown: Rumbling for tax relief.

  • Tavern at the Sun Inn, Bethlehem: Crossroads of the Revolution.

  • Jean Bonnet Tavern, Bedford: Hotbed of the Whiskey Rebellion.

  • Black Bass Hotel, Lumberville: Life and much death on the canal.

  • Dobbin House Inn, Gettysburg: Underground Railroad safe harbor.

  • Farnsworth House Inn and Sweney’s Tavern, Gettysburg: Bullets and bravado.

  • Wooden Keg Tavern, St. Clair: The fighting Molly Maguires.

  • Two Rivers Brewing Company, Easton: Speakeasy on the Delaware.

  • Horse Inn, Lancaster: Knock three times and whisper low.

Explore every nook, cranny, fireside, hiding place, secret door, and gallows. With her inquisitive nature and cheeky humor, author M. Diane McCormick uncovers the quirks and historical marvels that you won’t find on the back of the menu