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Programs & Events

If you are an area resident and would like to propose a literary or community event that is free and open to the public, we are glad to consider it.

Possibilities include musical performances, book clubs, writing groups, family activities, school visits, college seminars, small-group meetings of local nonprofits, and larger community events sponsored by area organizations, depending on space and staffing availablity.

We do not offer bookstore-cafe space for private rentals or commercial use. To propose a literary or community program, please contact shop @ midtownscholar .com

Local AUthors

We stock a highly curated selection of new books and occasionally feature new releases by regional authors. We give priority to books with content related to Harrisburg history and culture. If you would like to submit a print book for consideration, please ask your publisher to send a press kit to shop @ midtownscholar .com .  

We encourage local poets to participate in one of our weekly poetry groups, Thursday's Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel and Friday's Spoken Word Cafe + Reverend Nathaniel Gadsden's Writers' Wordshop, both of which include open mic readings where you may sell chapbooks. 



On Third Fridays during "3rd in the Burg," our coffeehouse-style concerts are free and open to the public. With no cover charge, we cannot offer remuneration to performers, but visiting artists are welcome to request tips and sell merchandise.

We give preference to local singer-songwriters and musicians from the Central Pennsylvania region.

Our venue is unique as it is an operating bookstore-cafe, which means that the house lights will be up during all performances, and customers will be browsing while musicians are playing onstage. The MainStage is outfitted with an excellent soundboard, and a store representative is typically available to help musicians plug in and check the sound. However, we do not have the staffing to provide a dedicated sound person during a performance. We also ask that musicians do not bring amps or full percussion sets, since the acoustics of the space and the layout of the stage cannot accommodate these.

To propose a musical performance, please contact shop @ midtownscholar .com with a detailed description of your music and links to your website & audio samples. Thank you for your interest!